no barking aRt is a not for profit organization creating projects to support independent artists worldwide.

no barking aRt

Barking Mad about Art              [ we are a not-for-profit art organization]


educating picasso

 a major exhibition celebrate the masters in our time



2016~ 2015 

​​biennale 2016

our 2nd biennale

coming soon August 2016

no barking art Magazine

 is a  quarterly magazine featuring independent artists 

biennale 2014 

our first biennale will be in London 2 venues , March and APR /2014.

Artist Directory

international independent artists f who are carefully selected by no barking aRt

art Prize competition 

no barking aRt Prize started in 2014

(on art,culture,film and design a join event with no barking aRt Biennale submission)

event/project aRchive 

debut production 

Had won a Winner of Best Shorts Compitition 2013 , Women Filmmaker, director and writer, the founder of no barking aRt had made this first art project "Face" to support photographers, actors and musiciens

"Face" film remiere

in the exhibition "Face to Face"; Espacio Gallery, London. Curator: Ana Cockerill